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Financing Small Businesses - FAST!

You can get small business finance within 14 business days!

In may cases, you can even receive up to 100,000 in small business finance without providing any written guarantees.

These days all small businesses need lots of working capital to survive.

Financing a small business adequately for present and future growth is essential. However, sadly there are many difficulties preventing you from receiving the small business finance you seek.

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Banks No Longer Offer Small Business Finance

During the current economic conditions, it's no use relying on banks to get the small business finance you need. Most banks are now rejecting small business finance applications, due to the risks involved. This means that in the current economy, raising the small business finance you need can be difficult.

However, there is good news! There are still a number of workable options to get get the small business finance you need. The Credit for Merchants - Small Business Finance Program will help your business to continue growing now and in the future.

Small Business Finance is still available!

Credit for Merchants help all sorts of businesses get the small business finance they need. The actual type of small business financing that is most beneficial for you will depend on the sort of business you have.

For example; if your business accepts payments from clients by credit card, you can convert a portion of your future credit card sales into a merchant cash advance of 3,500 to 100,000, and usually within only 5 business days!

You can even get small business financing and loans if you don't accept credit card payments from your customers.

For those businesses that do accept credit card payments from clients; with this type of small business finance (termed a "merchant cash advance"), there are no painful monthly loan repayments to be made. With a merchant cash advance you only need to pay back a small portion of your daily credit card receipts.

By paying a small amount each day, you will find it's a far more manageable way of raising small business finance than normal loans. The real beauty of this is that you have total flexibility, and you get to chose your own terms! Getting your small business finance is simplicity itself, and only takes a moment.

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How our Small Business Finance Program Works:

  Fill out our short Application for Small Business Finance
  Speak with a Small Business Finance Specialist
  Get Approved
  Receive your money in as little as 5 business days.

You can do all this, without the pain, frustration and heartache of dealing with the mainstream banks.

In most cases, you won't even need to provide a personal guarantee!

1) Fill out our short small business finance application. An approval specialist will then make contact with you within 24 hours so you can complete your application for rapid approval.

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