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Funding Small Businesses - FAST!

You can get small business funding within only 14 business days!

In most cases, you can receive up to 100,000 in small business funding without providing any personal written guarantees.

Nowadays, small businesses need plenty of working capital to survive.

Funding small businesses adequately for present and future growth is essential, but there are many pitfalls along the way to actually receiving the working capital you seek.

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Banks No Longer Work for Funding Small Business

Nowadays it's no use relying on conventional banks to find the small business funding you need. These days banks are rejecting most loan applications, and funding small businesses is something they are no longer prepared to do, due to the risks. This means that in the current economic climate, raising the small business funding you need can be beset with problems.

However, there's great news! You still have many options to get get the small business funding you need. The Credit for Merchants - Funding Small Businesses Program will help your business to continue on growing now and in the future.


Funding for every Small Business

Credit for Merchants enables you to convert your invoices, credit card receipts or assets into a cash advance of between 3,500 and 100,000, and within only 14 business days!

Credit for Merchants can help most types of businesses to get the small business funding they so badly need. The actual type of funding small businesses need and that is most beneficial will depend on the actual type of the business.

For example; if your business accepts credit card payments from clients, you can transform a portion of your future credit card sales into a business cash advance of between 3,500 and 100,000, and normally within 5-10 business days!

With the merchant cash advance example mentioned above, you only pay back a portion of your daily credit card sales. By paying this small amount each day, it's a much more manageable method of funding small businesses than regular business loans. Also, you will never receive any big monthly loan repayment bills!

Not only that; you can also chose your own terms, which means you have far greater flexibility. Getting started with small business funding is simplicity itself, and takes less than a minute.


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How our Funding Small Businesses Program Works:

  Just fill out our short Application for Funding Small Businesses
  Speak with a Funding Small Business Specialist
  Get Approval Fast
  Receive your money in as little as 14 business days.

You can do all this, without the pain and frustration of trying to convince the banks to give your business funding in these difficult times.

In some cases, you won't even need to provide a personal guarantee!


1) Fill out our short funding small businesses application. An approval specialist will then make contact with you within 24 hours so you can complete your application for rapid approval.

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