Finance Restaurants With Merchant Cash Advance

When the need of the hour is funding and banks are reluctant to lend, restaurants still remain in need of funds for the business. Unsurprisingly, the alternative financing option of a merchant cash advance is a growth industry for restaurant finance. A cash advance very quickly brings money where it is needed with a quick approval process. The cash advance is repaid from a portion of future credit card receivables and amounts to the base amount advanced plus a fee that varies according to the terms of the agreement.

Restaurant financeand the financing needs of small businesses through the use of cash advances is a growing source of capital provision. In the merchant cash advance financing plan a fixed amount of cash for a fixed percentage of future credit card receivables is provided. Repayment is a daily process with automatic collection of credit card sales transactions.

This rate of repayment is calculated by analysis of the record of performance of the business. Partnering with a credit card processor the provider collects the amount as they are processed during regular business activities. No fixed monthly payments, late fees and hidden charges are involved. The percentage of future credit card transactions tracked for repayment ebbs and flows with the rhythm of the earning cycle.

Approved customers receive advances on future credit card sales in a restaurant financing plan. There is requirement for a fixed payment schedule. As long as the business has a merchant account set up and it accepts credit cards in payment transactions, it should be eligible for the quick approval process of restaurant finance.

Small business owners who are in need of working capital can quickly receive a business cash advance if they are eligible. The business cash advance arrangements that are most optimal will be based on scrutinized credit card statements that determine the payment capacity of the applicant. The applicant will not be disappointed with the terms of the business cash advance that is offered after approval.

Statistics indicate that most businesses applying for loans from banks fail in their quest to win approval. Businesses who are denied by banks may qualify for a business cash advance. This cash advance is a useful tool if properly applied by the prudent customer. There are benefits offer by this financing method that cannot be found elsewhere that are attracting a growing list of businesses.

This financing method is in more demand today by businesses when other financial resources have either reduced or dried up. Banks have reduced their lending or even let go of some types of customers they had previously supplied. Thus even as the essential need for capital has not diminished, its supply has. Application process for a cash advance is quick and demands less documentary evidence. The application process has no closing charges. There is neither the requirement for collateral or a personal guarantee. Tax return forms, financial statement and asset documentation is not demanded. Rather than personal credit scores that are scrutinized, it is business performance that matters for application assessment purposes.

You can responsibly use this tool. It is prudent to ensure that the terms are those you can afford. Compare providers. A fluctuating payback percentage should be avoided. The optimal provider will support your need to be comfortable with your decision. The growth curve in this financing market illustrates how quickly it has grown in a mere space of ten years an annual 10 million dollars financed to the financing of 700 million dollars.