Invoice Discounting Factoring

Get the cash your business needs, and quickly with invoice discounting

Factoring and invoice financing has been around a very long time, and is a well respected method of raising business capital.

In fact factoring invoices is something that has been around in one form or another for thousands of years, and as a result is a well respected proven method of releasing working capital.

Credit for Merchants are a specialised invoice discounting company and can get you the best value invoice factoring services available in the UK. There are no set-up fees involved, and you can get started quickly and easily, and at your own pace. For instance many clients like to test this on a limited basis, before increasing their facility, in line with their needs and comfort level.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting frees up working capital in your business, and provides the opportunity for rapid growth and expansion. You will still have complete control over your debt collection, while the commercial finance business advances you cash against your outstanding invoices.

There are a number of invoice factoring companies to choose from, and getting the best deal can often be time consuming and confusing. Credit for Merchants can help you to to find the best invoice factoring company quickly and effortlessly.


Benefits of Invoice Discounting

Whenever you issue an invoice you will know exactly when it will be paid.
No long term loans are necessary the loan is simply repayed each time a client pays their invoice.

The facility can expand or contract in line with your chang
ing needs.
There will be no need to keep increasing your bank overdraft.

Whenever opportunities arise, you will always have the working capital you need
Invoice discounting is a lot cheaper than bank overdrafts or regular loans

How much does invoice discounting cost?
Business invoice factoring fees are split into two parts:

There is a service charge that will cover the day to day running of your purchase ledger. This varies, and is normally between 0.5% and 3% of your turnover. Some interest is also charged against the amount of each invoice.


How to Setup Business Invoice Factoring

  Complete our short Financial Factoring Application form
  Next, speak with an Invoice Discounting Specialist
  Get competitive quotes, and advice to help you decide on the best factoring company for your needs.
  Get your application approved


1) Fill out our short invoice factoring application. A factoring specialist will then make contact with you, so you can complete your application for rapid approval.

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