Debt Factoring

Business Cash Flow - FAST!

All businesses, need good funding, and this is particularly important, during a troublesome economy.

There are a variety finance types available to help businesses to improve their cash flow, by getting the working capital they need.

Unfortunately, getting business finance can prove to be a hard experience, especially for start-ups. These days, the banks simply don't want to take the risks of lending.

However, there is good news; many businesses are finding that debt factoring is an ideal way to raise capital. The way it works is simple; you sell outstanding receivables or invoices to a factor in exchange for a fast injection of working capital.

Free Up Working Capital

Debt factoring has been around for a very long time, and is seen as one of the best ways in which a businesses can get funding.

There are a number of benefits that make debt factoring so attractive. Firstly, a having a specialised company looking after you debt collection can free up a lot of valuable time, which you can then use to grow your business, instead of collecting debts.

Since businesses usually have a lot of working capital tied up stock, this is a great way to free a considerable amount of working capital. As an example, debt factoring can allow manufacturing companies to free up capital that would normally be tied up in stock. Using factoring in this way can allow businesses to raise cash easily and quickly and can be very straight forward.

Invoice Factoring

Any business that is experiencing difficulties due to cash flow issues, can find factoring to be a great way of raising finance. After all, most solvent businesses can survive cash flow difficulties, providing their clients pay them on time. However, in the difficult economy we are currently experiencing, more and more businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to get payment from their customers on time. Such businesses can benefit greatly from invoice discounting factoring.

When you choose a factoring company, the factor will normally check the credit rating of each of your clients. They will also need to make sure that the service you have invoiced your client for has been satisfactorily completed. This will allow the factoring business to move forwards and notify each of your customers that they are now responsible for collecting your payments. Your clients then pay the factor directly once the credit period on the invoice has expired.

Since no maximum or minimum sales thresholds are required, factoring can be an attractive solution that provides you with the cash flow you need, at exactly the right time.

How this type of Financing works:

  Just fill out our short Debt Factoring Application
  Next, speak with a Debt Factoring Specialist
  Get your application approved
  You can usually receive funds often within 2 weeks

With factoring, you can quickly raise substantial finance for your business without the normal difficulties you experience when dealing with banks. There is virtually no red tape to contend with, and you won't have to provide the sort of guarantees that all banks look for.

This way, you can focus on expanding your business, while we focus on get you there quickly. Receiving the business funding you need has never been easier.

1) Fill out our short debt factoring application. A factoring specialist will then make contact with you, so you can complete your application for rapid approval.

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